JRH Building Construction specializes in, but is not limited to, new home construction, additions, remodels, and repairs. We have constructed many quality-built homes from the very basic to high-end custom designs.  As General Contractor, we will manage every aspect of the project from pouring the foundation to handing our customers the key.  We rely on our established relationships with a long list of reliable and efficient subcontractors throughout New England.


"I enjoyed watching the daily progress and the level of care that the crew showed in their check-ins with us.  The deck is absolutely beautiful and the roof accent that Mr. Hinton designed gives our place an added uniqueness. From the time of the foundation concrete work to moving in was less than 4 months. Since we lost our hot water, furnace and water pump, Mr. Hinton’s effort to get us in our new place before cold weather was greatly appreciated."

"On The Level"

At JRH, we understand that building a home and other related projects are often one of the biggest investments of our customers’ lives. We not only respect the value of their hard earned dollar, but understand that, ultimately, we are helping them to create the ideal home for their families. We know that simply meeting customer expectations is not enough.  In order to provide superior service, each customer must be an integral part of the process and we are committed to keeping them involved each step of the way.